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Thread: 50 Feet or not?

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    50 Feet or not?

    I`ve looked in the legal section at this subject, but it seems there`s not a definate answer.(unless i`m going daft) If you look at the photos of my permission, it`s partly bordered by a main road.
    Is the distance 50 feet from the white line that i can discharge my rifle? Is it the same distance in a country lane even though there isn`t a white line?
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    If you are a member of BASC phone them on 01244 573000 and ask them to send you a copy of `Shooting, [Rights of way & Access.] England and Wales.
    It is NOT an offence to shoot within 50 feet of the centre of the highway if no-one is injured, interrupted or endangered.
    I keep a copy of this document with me in my motor in case any smart-arse gives me a hard time as I shoot a lot of feathered vermin on my permissions, sometimes off the road-side.


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    Hi Stag

    Is it not an offence to have a loaded weapon in a public place (highway)

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    I do not think my vehicle would be classed as a `public place`and being parked on the grass verge adjacent to my permission to shoot a Carrion Crow over the fence in the field is hardly posing a threat or danger to anyone.
    I do not do it blatantly in front of passers-by as the fewer people who know what we do the better.


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    If you have a read of the legal forum, I think you'll find that a vehicle is classed as public place, if its in a public place- if that makes sense!

    Regardless, I think the law adds the rider "without reasonable cause" which I think would be your defense if you were ever stopped ie what you were doing "was reasonable"...

    The 50 foot rule is something different, and on that, my understanding is the same as yours...

    Edited to add : I've just double checked my copy of "Deer: Law and Liabilities" and the subject of shooting near a public highway is mentioned on page 119..In addition to what Stag has said, the book goes on to say:

    "For this purpose, a highway is public road for vehicles. It is not an offence to shoot from or over a public foot path or right of way, or near buildings, unless you are found to be trespassing or are there with the intent to endanger life"



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    Here in sunny Scotland we have a different law, You can discharge a weapon on from a public road if you permission to do so and do not put anybody in a "state of alarm".


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