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    Warning -if you are frightened by expensive kit , read no further

    I've just gone and bought a pair of Klattermussen Gere trousers

    at 180 they are not cheap, but I have only heard good stuff from mates in Norway[must be good if a Norwegian admits something Swedish is good!]

    Has anyone had anything to do with this company, I got them in Mountain Spirit, Aviemore, which I think is the best of the Aviemore outdoor shops but the most expensive.

    Anyway I'm going to test them next week in Finland and have been assured that with my very expensive "odlo" thermals there is no need for salopettes, he better be right as I'm keeping weight down and not taking any.

    Just thought I'd share my shopping expedition with you, I went in to get a pair of socks and came out 250 lighter!!!!!!!
    Last year I went in to get 50 he owed me and I came out 350 worse of and a pair of ski's & boots!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    They certainly turn out some good gear the scandinavians....

    I popped into the Villmart(Hunting/fishing fair) in the viking ship Hamar last friday, some great stuff on offer, came out a couple of hundred quid lighter, but a nice pair of strides in the bag,wife guessed the colour first attempt

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