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Thread: Hi guys and gals

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    Hi guys and gals

    Just to introduce myself guys ,been into shooting for a number of years mostly rabbiting,ratting to start with then onto foxing but started going stalking late last year when I could get time to go.This year ill hopefully be able to up my game so to speak and get out a lot more ,plus I intend to do my dcs1 (im actually looking into sitting it shortly).Thats enough about me the now before I bore you all

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    Welcome to the site - I take it you still use your PCP? I still use bmy HW80 for smaller vermin/pests.


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    Not very often mate but it comes in handy for barn work ,my only problem Eddie is trying to fit everything in

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    I know the feeling only too well!
    Where you based? I'm in Carluke

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    Just down the road mate ,Wishaw

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