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Thread: rifle wont feed :(

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    rifle wont feed :(

    hi everybody

    after waiting weeks for my variation i finally got my rifle (parker hale in 308) and went out this evening to sight it in. only to find it struggles to feed the rounds in. on closer inspection at home it seems the extractor claw is very tight. viewing from underneath the bolt when you slide an empty case in the extractor claw seems to move apart a fair way. on some of the rounds i had to wiggle the bolt handle slightly to get the case to slide up behind the extractor claw.

    also i have noticed on the empty cases that i can see rifleing for about 1 mm on the case end is this right

    regards pj

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    Quote Originally Posted by pj1 View Post
    .....also i have noticed on the empty cases that i can see rifleing for about 1 mm on the case end is this right regards pj

    The indentations on the case mouth are crimping marks and nothing to worry about. If you really are scared, I think you need to get some one-to-one instruction on what you are doing before you proceed any further.

    Regards JCS

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    Sorry to hear you're having feeding problems.
    • Are you using factory cartridges or reloaded cartridges?
    • Are you aware of anyone removing the bolt from the receiver and accidentally dropping the bolt extractor first onto a hard surface?
    • Does the extractor claw look in any way out of shape?
    • Are the bolt and extractor claw clean and free of debris / swarf from old cases?
    • Is the chamber clean?

    Photos might help.
    Do you have a decent gun / riflesmith near you?
    There's a lot of knowledge on this forum, but a bit more info would help.
    PPU (PRVI Partisan) ammunition can feed 'tight' in some rifles so if you're using that then try another brand. What ammo are you using anyway?

    Hope you get it sorted soon.
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    thanks for reply. just had a closer look at an unfired case and would you beleive it. its the same. wife just called me a wombat. cant really say much more than that can i

    any ideas on the not feeding. not had this problem on my other rifles.

    regards pj

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    As previous poster said I think what you are seeing on the case mouths are crimping marks, as far as feeding a lot of parker Hale's had feed problems, being built on old Mauser actions,certainly the one I had you had to work the bolt slowly
    any attempt to work it quickly caused it to jam, that apart it was not a bad rifle and you did get used to it.

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    You are feeding from the magazine aren't you?

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    Hi pj,
    i have a browning .243 and i have feed problems when i dont use balistic tip rounds!
    i bought some remington exposed core round that would not feed in to the chamber and when i looked closer the rounds were catching when moving from the mag.
    the finner point on the balistic tip round alow the round to slide past the point where the other were catching.

    hope this helps?

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    thanks bogtrotter. know what you mean about the mauser action my 243 was a brno. dont think they have heard of controlled round feed.
    mauser66. a bit more info. its a parker hale 1100 light weight. 308. as far as i can work out it was made in the early 80 and looks like new. there are a few marks on the outside of the extractor claw. guess these are where the bolt has been closed at an angle. its quite sloppy when fully drawn back. (typical mauser). the rifle i very clean. both from me cleaning it and from little use. there are some pics on the gallery i recently posted of the rifle i will try and get some on this thread of the bolt. the rounds are rws (dynamit nobel) 150 grain t mantel bullet. tried a 170 grain with the same problem.
    the bolt face has machining marks on it and i wondered if this was causing friction but it seems to be stiff when not rubbing across these marks.

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    i need to type quicker two replys whilst replying to previous one

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    Attachment 5743Attachment 5742Attachment 5741Attachment 5740
    photo 1 and 3 hopefully show how much the extractor claw moves sideways
    photo 2 this is how far the bolt will close before it stops. (dont worry this is an empty case)
    photo 4 this is how far up the bolt face the case will slide before stopping. its stiff pushing it up by hand but worse as the round feeds into the chamber as it feds slightly up hill and bites into the extractor claw
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