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Thread: Sporting Estate a New Venture

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    Sporting Estate a New Venture

    Hi everyone

    Can anyone help out with some suggestions, either based on your own experience or on what you would like to see.
    I have a friend who has been a hill farmer for some years.
    Due to circumstances and personal preference, he has suggested that he would like to open up part of his ground to sporting interests.
    The ground he has amounts to around 5000 acres and comprises hill ground with a reasonable stock of red deer,some mature woodland which holds pheasant in low numbers, a marsh which attracts duck, snipe and woodcock.
    He has been keen to quiz me on what is needed and I have helped where I can.
    The concern I have is with regard to contracting with syndicates.
    If anyone has any knowledge or opinions on that front it would be good to hear it.
    I haven't included details of the ground only to say that it's on the West coast of scotland.
    Hopefully it's not advertising !

    All the best


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    Would depend if he wants to run it or lease the rights. Sporting agent would possibly lease and lease on, Rough shooting one direction deer another. Deer dependent on continuation of stalking would be an assett dependent on holding. By that 5000 acres of hill is fine if it a holding area but if the deer are hit or miss word would get out and revenue would drop off quickly if too many blank days. Pheasants are an assett that again has a limited value unless the area lends itself to classic shooting. By that I mean woods top of hills and valleys to shoot from. That is big bucks, otherwise it is a syndicate shoot. You would need an experienced keeper to walk the area and advise. Saying you know of 5000 acres without the topography is insufficient info. We have experts on here that could advise and actually do run shoots. Are we talking Argyll or Highland region? Jim

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    Agree with Jimbo here. Much depends on whether the Red population are resident to a certain extent or just passing through. Hinds usually remain hefted to the area they were born, and if this is the case and you have hinds all year round that will draw the stags during the rut. Although I have to say 5000 acres is not that large for an estate to hold a good number of reds unless there is exceptional feed and cover.

    You might be better getting a land agent to access the value (cant believe I am suggesting this) or put it out to tender. I would suggest if it is good ground that you market the deer on a seperate lease agreement to any potential bird shooting as this will increase the value. However it would then be a matter of making sure all three parties were firmly fixed with a well written contract/lease that benefits all parties.

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    Thanks for the replies guys
    All these points are taken on board and will be passed on.
    Thanks again


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    Alan can you keep me posted on the syndicate i have family who have a croft at Aulbea on the west coast i will be living there one day so would be interested in a local syndicate



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    Join BASC and ask the game keeping section, they will come out and assess land and make recommendations or at least they did a couple of years back.

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    Maybe an idea, to think slightly out of the box with it

    West coast ground is generally less productive than that on the east or centre of the country, it's hard to earn a crust from it, but it is do able.

    Chances are , you will struggle to collect 's from the ground without seeking some sort of grant funding through SRDP or renewables.

    This can be done through a few different streams, diversification, biodiversity, forestry, climate change or a suite of the mentioned.

    I'll pm my e-mail if you want to talk more[not looking for fee, honest!!!!]

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    B&B for guests , a few ponds put in down the line of a beck and put a few duck on each , french partridge should stay if you have enough feeders about , a few pheasants in your woods , any heather or grouse on it ? what about a pond or two for trout , there must be room for a few clay traps maybe a line of butts for simulated grouse . B&B breaks with some fishing and clay shooting then walked up shooting , driven mixed days duck , partridge and pheasant through the season and your stalking , process your game and feed your visitors on it . Youll need advise from someone like the game & wildlife trust but its a few ideas to mill over

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    This is great guys
    I knew this would be the place for great ideas.
    Thanks again


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    Thumbs up good luck


    from what you describe you have a fantastic potential for a nice syndicate of mixed use.
    I would look at doing some work on the marsh to attract some wild fowl putting some shallow ponds in for them to wade in, also potentially bring in wild breed duck for later in year.
    this i would suggest you do for the wooded areas too. bring in feeders and also polts later.
    as for the deer you would be best seeing where and what quantities the deer are in and where they are coming from.
    if your fortunate enough to have resident deer (red do stay where they get no hassle thus resident) then that's all the better. if they are truely transient then one shot and you may not see them again.

    a lot of work can give good reward to the right syndicate and i wish you the best of luck in your venture,


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