Hi there! Can you help me?

I have been rabbit and pigeon shooting with my air-rifle for the last couple of years and have loved every minute. I have come across deer a few times when out at night and often wondered how deer are hunted and gralloched as it is a whole different affair to what I am used to. YouTube gives you an idea but only a sense of what happens.

I am not in a position to buy guns, licences, and associated equipment to shoot deer for myself (and the Mrs has plenty of other objections) so I am looking for a one off opportunity to learn from an experienced huntsman about deer and techniques used. It would be great to broaden my experiences with a larger animal.
I am not looking to shoot because of the difficulties that it can potentially bring, just want to be there to look and learn and help where requested.

I understand it is not straight forward and there are no guarantee's... there never are!