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Thread: Mauser 66 in 308

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    Mauser 66 in 308

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    Hi all

    I have a mint Mauser model 66 in 308 caliber forsale , this is a lovelly little rifle which i bought for myself and is a german classic.
    no scope inc.
    so go on treat yourself for the coming buck season.

    650 + tnt or face to face
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    I will accept 600 ono inclusive of tnt to your local dealer .

    it needs to go i want a shotgun.

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    ok lads it has to go 550 last price drop then its going to bonhams.

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    chris,used to shoot mauser243 when i was young,wish i never sold it .sorry i do ramble point is just put in for 308 vari do you still have rifle
    regards darren

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    hi just sent pm regards daz

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    Quote Originally Posted by chrisc View Post
    ok lads it has to go 550 last price drop then its going to bonhams.
    I don't believe you are even considering sending this fine rifle to Bonhams.

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    hi all i am back in action .Daz let me know if you want me to keep it for you.


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    I have one in 270 very pleased with it and would recomend the model to anyone.

    Regards Glass Back

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