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Thread: Mounts for docter 8x56

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    Mounts for docter 8x56

    I have just sold my docter 8x56 to a friend who wants to mount it onto an Anschutz rimfire, my problem is the docter as far as i know is 26mm. I had the scope mounted in optilocks so one inch mounts did it no harm but can anyone tell me how i will be able to mount it to this rimfire without damaging it?

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    The simple answer is just buy 26mm mounts. There was a recent thread on the site about forcing 26mm into 1" mounts or reaming them out to fit 26mm but unless you are an engineer its not worth the bother, simply buy 26mm mounts.

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    I had a Khales 26mm scope and used optilock rings 25mm...Worked a treat...HTH

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