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    Hi ive been looking for the table i think the home office made with the different calibres and what they where approved for anyone know where i can find it?


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    Don't forget that the table is only for establishing initial 'good reason' for acquiring a particular calibre/cartridge. It doesn't mean that you cannot use a certain rifle thereafter for lesser quarry on the table even if it has a 'no' against it. Example: a .308 would be deemed suitable for deer, but there is no reason why it couldn't be also conditioned for fox and vermin also.

    The Guidance mentions it:

    13.15 Most rifle cartridges were designed for
    specific purposes but may be suitable for a
    range of other quarry. The table on page 77
    provides guidance on whether, for the
    purposes of establishing “good reason”
    , a
    particular calibre is suitable for shooting
    certain quarry. “Yes” indicates that the calibre
    is suitable for the purpose and pursuit of
    such quarry would normally be a “good
    reason” to possess such a rifle. “No”
    indicates that the calibre and muzzle energy is
    either unsuitable, unlawful or inhumane and
    pursuit of such a quarry would not therefore
    be a “good reason” to possess such a rifle.

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