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    hello to every one,new to all this posting stuff normally get the kids to do it ! think i may be getting old and defunct well thats whot the wife says well me then born and brought up in lincolnshire had a gun since the age of 5 now im an old fart acording to the kids involved in stalking for quite a few years wildfowling from the age of 8 game shooting since 6 eat sleep breath the country side ,and not to forget the 2 dogs and when not nothing to do i pop of to work .hope you all not asleep think iv written an epic only taken 2 days

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    Welcome. People on this site dont seem to respond to " Oldies" like me and You. As it took you 2 days I think you deserve a welcome. Its a good site even if you just read what other like minded people get upto.So once again Welcome.

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    your not the only old duffer on here, seems most of us are in the 50 + bracket, and there are quite a few of us in Lincolnshire. Anyoldhow, welcome.

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    From another old codger welcome. Sutherland county my second home.

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    Welcome us old codgers stick to gether. we can still show the young uns a thing or two

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    welcome to the site from a spring chicken! although i dont feel it after being in a loft all day cleaning up pigeon poo. 5 inchs thick in places. glad you took the plunge with the posting on the site and welcome. as ive only been stalking a few years its guys like you i turn to for well learned advice.
    regards pj

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    Hello Muddymalard and a warm welcome from God's country. Stick with us and you should have a very enjoyable experience - - even for SDOGs (Stalking Directory's Old Geezers) every day is a schoolday !


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    hi all and thanks nice to be made welcome ,and your all right the mind is willing but the knees are week , scotland stalking soon, wife says she buying ,zimmer frame soon.ive been working flat out knackerd

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