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Thread: Beast in the boot!

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    Beast in the boot!

    Evening all,

    I'm sure (hope) that I'm not the only one who stalks as often as he can but has to make do with the office motor - Ford Focus. I'm curious to know what boxes, sheeting, or other bits of kit people use to transport deer in their little motors - without blood and stnech overwhelming the missus on the trip to the shops the next day!

    I've not mastered it yet!



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    I use a blue plastic box given to me by a very kind Sainsbury's delivery driver. It will take a whole roe without limbs sticking out too far and small enough to fit in the boot of my work car. It has no holes in, so no blood or snot in the boot.

    Hose and scrub it out afterwards - ideal for the purpose and free.



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    I use a big storage box from B&Q. Fits a Roe in there OK, or last month a Muntjac and a CWD together.

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    Take some 1.5 ltr mineral water bottles, half fill with tap, lay horizontal in freezer. Take with you on the day stalk. After gralloch insert in cavity, cools down nicely.

    I tend to use a net as well in order to keep the ticks etc. "out of the car'. (load carcass into tray, load tray into the net already in car, pull up net and tie).


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    If you are just shooting the smaller deer have a google for the Harkila roe sack. As well as been a nice roe sack that folds up neatly the liner won't leak. If you take rabbits in the car one day the smell will be so bad that maybe she won't moan about the smell of a deer. Or better still shoot a hare! They reek!

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    I have several boxes which I [icked up from Alisons in Preston.
    They have allsorts of different sizes and very cheap.
    Their website is good but the warehouse gives a lot more opportunity for finding the odd one they have for 4-5.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Even a plastic dog-basket can be useful !


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    Quote Originally Posted by stag1933 View Post
    Even a plastic dog-basket can be useful !

    A big boot, a large dog-basket and a small Sika stag for example.


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    Recollections of a trip back from Angus with 20 point stag head in the rear seats of a BMW 7, just.

    Really took a long while to understand why overtaking cars were looking at me in a weird way.


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    boot liner, orbetter still cheep garden trailer & cover .

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