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Thread: another tough winter on the red deer

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    another tough winter on the red deer

    Starting to find winter casualties now the snow has retreated. Mostly last years calves and yearlings with the odd geriatric into the bargain.
    With the second hard winter after a run of mild winters it looks as if mortality will be up on last year.

    Certainly hinds culled from the low ground at the end of the season were in pretty grim condition with a few too poor to bring home. Surprisingly most were old and also in calf.
    Go 2000ft up the hill and the hinds are in good nick, not full fat, but fit, with the dark line round the backside and only the odd late calf looking a bit jaggy. Prolonged snow cover is a killer but i tend to think a wet back oct/november does more harm in the end.
    What are others seeing on their ground?

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    I always think that prolonged wet weather coupled with the cold is more debilitating to the deer than snow, providing they can feed and the snow is not too deep. Indeed it has been another bad winter, especially in the highlands of Scotland, I hope the coming summer is a good one.

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