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Thread: Danner Jackal II boots

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    Danner Jackal II boots

    Been wearing a pair of these now for my last few trips and so far very impressed!
    VERY lightweight and comfortable! Warm, but not too hot. Bought as a lightweight, summer boot and seem perfect. Haven't tested them in the wet grass yet, but being goretex lined they should perform well. I'm not sure if you can get them here yet? I had a friend bring them back from USA for about 75 quid. First impressions are very good. Look like they will last longer than the Jackal Mk I's which had suede as these are hard wearing cordura type material. Extremely quiet to walk in too!
    Nice Boots!

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    is thee a need for a realtree sole?

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    Definitely! Contrary to popular belief, deer CAN look up and will see you every time in your high seat if the soles of your boots aren't realtree!!
    They can also see you if they walk behind you in the prone position if you are not careful!
    Worth every penny in my book!

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