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Thread: Graphical representation of some elements of ballistic performance

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    Graphical representation of some elements of ballistic performance

    I was reading the thread on Flat Shooting and struggling to think about the suggested calibres and reported performances etc. and what they meant. It occurred to me that it might be possible (and helpful) to combine some key figures in a graphic that could then be used to compare two situations (either calibres, bullet weights, powders etc.).

    It could work by fixing some parameters - such as target size, altitude, temperature etc. - for both situations and then choosing variables - such as bullet weights, velocities etc. Both could then be shown on a 4x4 grid like this:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It's probably only useful (if it is useful at all) when point blank range is crucial in a cartridge/calibre choice.

    Any way, I just thought I'd see what everyone else thought - is it worth thinking about a bit more? (or does something doing the same job already exist!).


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    What does the area under the lines on your graph equate to?

    You are right about opitmising choice re: performance at all ranges relative to maximal PBR and quarry but I'm not sure your graph does that.

    i.e. no point trying use a laser-beam stylee, fast and flat, .17 cal, 26grain, hollowpoint, zeroed at 250m, to try and knock down a Cape Buffalo at 300m because you know you'll hit a 10" circle, you'll just tick him off a bit... not wise.

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    Thanks for the comments. You're absolutely right in that it only attempts to compare limited aspects, and consequently doesn't remove the need for properly researching choices and coming up with a comprehensive answer - particularly in relation to potential quarry.

    However, there is lots of advice available these days (especially here) to rule out the completely impracticable choices and many situations come down to considering a few similar options - the thread discussion that started me off thinking was (I recall) about 260 v. 25-06 v. 270. I could have run them all through the Sierra and other ballistic software and looked just at the numbers, but was trying to come up with something that gave a different way of looking at the information. The idea came when I realised that ballistic coefficient, pbr, and energy could be expressed in units that would fit in a compact grid.

    The coloured areas don't mean anything - it could be drawn as a point on the left for bc and a point on the right for energy and separated by a distance representing pbr, but I thought it was clearer blocked out.

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