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Thread: We're in safe hands

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    We're in safe hands


    NEWS OF THE WORLD March 27th 2011
    I’m Gunning for Big Cats in Britain
    Meet hotshot Adrian ‘ Dusty’ Miller - the man who has set his sights on bagging Scotland’s big cats.
    The marksman claims there are hundreds of dangerous panther-like creatures roaming our countryside.
    And the 39 year old is now set to sell his own home to fund his dream of becoming Britain’s first big game hunter.
    Adrian told us: “Scotland is where most of the big cats are – you have a ll these leopards, cougars and panthers roaming the Highlands.
    “I don’t think anyone is taking this seriously – it’s a real possibility that these animals could attack and seriously injure or even kill someone.”
    He added: “I’m trying to sell my house and then I’ll hit the road. I’m confident I can do the job – I think I can do it extremely well.
    “Pretty much everything is in place – the only thing I need now is a shotgun licence.”
    Divorced dad of three, from Carlisle, Cumbria, became fascinated with big cats after reading about the Beast of Bodmin 15 years ago.
    He gave up work as a tattoo artist last year and began buying hunting gear.
    So far he has spent thousands on a radar tracking device and a pack of hounds.
    And, helped by pal Gordon Wildley, 36, he’s even been using a specially imported cougar scent to help train the mutts.
    We told last year of big cat sightings in Dornoch, Sutherland, and the Isle of Arran.
    Now Dusty says he can’t wait to get North of the border, beaming: “It’s where the action is.”
    Have you seen a big cat in your area that Dusty could rack? Call us any day on 0141 4205254 0r email

    I know its not stalking related, though there are guns to be involved, choice

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    Let's hope they refer to the article when making a decision to grant or refuse his application.

    “Pretty much everything is in place – the only thing I need now is a shotgun licence.”

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    Rednecks in Cumbria, well I never.....
    I'll have to paddle a bit faster when I'm canoeing in Scotland from now on, I can hear the Banjo from here!

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    This is a bit previous, are you sure this is not Friday's story?

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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    Well if he finds one I guess he wont be missed.

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    Well that guy doesn't live in the real world then

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    Oh dear oh dear oh dear, if he is issued any form of licience to own a firearm i will eat my own hat, that guy shouldn't own a catapult let alone a shotgun !!

    does he also just assume that once he arrives in the highlands he is going to wonder off into the hills pack of dogs and shotgun in hand to go a Kill what ever he wants !! NUTTER

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    Mods: Can we not have some kind of warning system for posts of this type? I've just laughed so much that I knocked a full mug of tea into a client file.

    Genius - thanks for the post of the week.

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    Must have been a slow news day!!!

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    "So far he has spent thousands"!!!

    Maybe someone should tell him ... cats are held to have a "right to roam" per the Animal Act 1971 and Common Law 'Duty of care' which do not apply the same duties of care to cat owners as to owners of other animals, e.g. dogs and livestock ... On the other hand maybe they shouldn't tell him... Fools and their money, etc.

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