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Thread: Duracoat and Cerakote Firearm Finishes

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    Duracoat and Cerakote Firearm Finishes

    This is another offer just for site members for rifle and equipment coating from Jager Sporting Arms (Part of Jager Services ltd)

    We specialise in liquid polymer and Poly ceramic coatings which are specifically designed for firearms. Highly abrasion resisitant, solvent resistant and protects the surface from the elelemts. We also off performance exhaust and engine coatings for the automotive industry.

    Barrel, action, bottom metal and moderator in a single colour 85 plus postage.

    I can do scopes and rings etc if required.

    PM me or call us on 01206 867789 or 07968025033

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    I hope this is taken as I mean it, and not as a negative comment.

    I brought a rifle with this type of graphics coating which I didn't like. I decided to remove it. BIG MISTAKE! It is as hard as steel and sticks like the proverbial ***** to a blanket. My point is, if you like this look, it is as tough as hell and will no doubt protect your rifle from just about anything the weather and hard work can throw at it. The base coat is still on my metalwork, I just couldn't be bothered to do battle with it any longer. I just ended up painting over the base colour with black. Nothing seemed to touch it, nitromors, wire wool, scraper, tough an impervious to all of these!

    Great product, but like a tattoo, make sure you want it for life


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    I have had a couple of rifles done by James, it looks great in the camo patterns, but if you have a stainless steel rifle and want a more traditional look, or are concerned about sun reflecting off the barrel you could have it coated to look just like a blued steel barrel. This way you have the best of both worlds, at totally weather proof product that nobody would dislike.



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    Something to bear in mind. Have an old Martini action that is pitted and will need a finish applied, of course all on hold now for the foreseeable future, but once it's all sorted then this might be the answer.

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    Hello mate
    I'm prity interested in getting one of my rifles done could you tell me roughly how long this process takes? And would it be possible to hand deliver or is it a postal only service you offer? Also what colours do you have?
    Thanks Adrian

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    So what is the difference between duracoat and cerakote?

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    Quote Originally Posted by JabaliHunter View Post
    So what is the difference between duracoat and cerakote?
    Air cure and oven cure.

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    If this is a silly question then please forgive my ignorance. When coated will the action return to its Bedding in the Stock perfectly?

    Thank you.

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    Very nice, do you have an email adrs for price quotes?

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