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Thread: PL Insurance - whats everybody using?

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    PL Insurance - whats everybody using?


    I've been with BASC for 4-5 years, but Iím thinking of going somewhere different this year - whatís everybodyís thoughts? (And costs?)


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    My thoughts.....stick with BASC.

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    I am an NGO member - the insurance package is good and they have been very helpful on a couple of firearms questions. Current cost is £30 a year.

    For hunting in overseas, I use a £30 annual policy from Country Cover Club.


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    Quote Originally Posted by mudman View Post
    My thoughts.....stick with BASC.

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    I am with the BASC. They have been extremely helpful and provided me with a lot of information and reassurance.

    I would not go with anyone else.

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    I would strongly recommend you stay with BASC. They have resources and influence way beyond those of any other organisation.
    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    SACS have a very wide ranging £5 million insurance poilicy which will cover you anywhere in the world for recognised country sports + £100k legal expenses which would cover firearms licensing difficulties.

    Membership is £30 per annum for individuals.

    Click on 'The Organisation' in the sidebar, then 'Insurance'

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    As with all insurance policies make sure you read the policy wording and the key facts document that lets the key exclusions.
    Its here you will find out if you have nay excess to pay on claims or if the policy will not pay out if you have any other cover in place.
    But ultimately support the association that will support you and your sport the best, after all the difference just about £30 a year or so, surely that’s a small price to pay to make sure your sport is represented?

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    It beggars belief that having spent sometimes thousands all shooters bemoan £30 extra here on joining a society that is active in defending shooting.

    Do not forget that much of the input for banning this or that rifle or other firearm or method of shooting came from, in the last few decades, the British Deer Society.

    And still we here the occasional spokesperson for the Countrysports Alliance decrying the use of rifles to shoot foxes at night as "dangerous"...

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    I'm with BASC and seriously considered changing to another company when my current cover finishes in April but after weighing up the pro's and con's have decided to stay with BASC, if the price stays the same it equates to £1:27 per week, it may well be dearer than some other companies but at least I've got peace of mind and the back up of BASC should any thing arise, and any queries, legal or otherwise is only a phone call away...callie

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