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Thread: Insurance have you had a claim ?

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    Insurance have you had a claim ?

    Heres one to ponder Ive read on the site, about the insurance bit all going on, Oh were the best, but were cheaper, Oh but look at the small print .

    Question : Who has ever had a claim through there insurance ,with all this insurance there must have been someone to claim or try to claim .

    What if any problems arised ?

    How long did it take ?

    What did it cost you in the end ? IE call letters time etc.

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    A very good point WS, never having had to claim I've never given it much thought and look forward to any replies.

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    I had a claim through the BASC insurance, after an accidental discharge with my .410 I managed to pepper the side of my brand new livestock trailer

    I have to say it was probably the easiest claim I have ever had to deal with, One phone call, a quote sent to them and a cheque sent right back. No cost to me apart from the phone call and no membership rises the following year.



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    I was on a shoot where a gun shot a beaters dog, the dog lived but lost a leg. A claim was made against the guns BASC insurance and payment quickly made for all vets bills, shortly followed by another large cheque to cover the cost of a replacement trained spaniel.

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    Fortunately claims are rare as shooting is a very safe sport. From 130,000 insured members we see about 60 claims a year.

    How long a claim takes to settle very much depends on whets been damaged.
    Damage to property for example is typically pretty easy to sort out, as the extent and true cost of the damage is easy to determine. So its not unusual for property damage claims to be sorted within a matter of a week or so once all the quotes for repair / replacement are in.

    As you may well have guessed, property damage is by far the most common of all the shooting related insurance claims we see.

    If someone is harmed by the shooting accident it can take much longer to settle as it can take time for the full effect of injury and the resultant loss to become apparent.

    Also, much will depend on the person; take the loss of an eye as an example. For someone aged 70, no longer in full time employment, and with good vision in the remaining eye the full loss would not be the same as say a 35 year old pilot hence the same injury could result in very different levels of compensation payment.


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    Whether you are a pilot or a roadsweeper, should make no odds!!

    My eyes are as valuable to me as any other mans,regardless of the way he makes a living!

    Try telling a 70 year old his eyes are not as important because he is older.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 2434me View Post
    Whether you are a pilot or a roadsweeper, should make no odds!!

    My eyes are as valuable to me as any other mans,regardless of the way he makes a living!
    Not really. As soon as the roadsweeper was well he could go back to work and sweep the roads. The pilot couldn't ever fly a plane with 1 eye - depriving him of a good income for many years. Of course his eye is worth more.

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    I know a bloke who had his discovery shot through a hedge, Basc paid out for new panels as they couldnt paint over the lead.

    he is on the committe now, no names etc.

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    I understand what you say about eyes being valuable, of course they are, but in terms of a third party liability claim the underwriters and loss adjusters have to look at it in terms of what is the loss in terms of money.

    In the stark scenario I wrote above, the pilot would no longer be able to be a pilot, and would most probably have a significant loss of income for the rest of his working life, at least 30 years and this has to be compensated for. The 70 year olds income is unlikely to be reduced.

    The compensation payment from a personal injury looks at many facets including:

    Loss of income
    Loss of pension
    Legal fees
    Medical fees

    And so on.

    Importantly, when a claim is made, the underwriter has 90 days to accept of deny liability, this helps speed up claims. I remember, years ago, when there was no time limit at all, this made life very awkward to say the least you can imagine!



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    I do this for a living, ie I am a personal injury (PI) claims negotiator for a large insurance co.

    What do you want to know?

    D&L claims (damage and loss) are normally dealt with very quickly, we would aim to have 95% plus of these settled within a month.

    PI claims are very different. The vast majority are low value (under 5000 probably accounts for over 90%) and can be settled quickly - within 4 or 5 months. If someone has a serious injury, it can take years.

    I have a claim on my desk right now which will be six years old in a month. I am going to court this afternoon to try and settle another which is nearly three years old, that will probably cost me the thick end of 100K.

    Just because you are paranoid, doesn't mean they aren't out to get you......

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