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Thread: Barrel Proofing?

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    Barrel Proofing?

    I have no experience of this myself so I wanted to put the question out.......

    A friend of mine is looking at buying a second hand rifle that has not been screw cut for a moderator. He has been told that if it is cut he will have to have the barrel proofed, all at a rather expensive price!

    Any advice please?

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    Shop around for a price.
    IIRC I paid 80 for screw cut and proof.
    Smiths are obliged to get their work proofed as their insurance co demand it, although it is not strictly speaking required as the question of whether a barrel has been materially weakened by screw cutting is doubtful.

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    buy it and take it elsewhere for a screwcut - you do not have to have it done unless as has been said its for the smiths insurance purposes. Ive bought rifles in the past from RFD's that havent been proofed. Its a scam by the proof house as far as I'm concerned!!!!

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    The proof houses say Yes. I believe learned counsel says this's not really so... see this link:

    At any rate it would certainly not likely be a problem/issue if the rifle is not going to be subsequently sold or exported. Take's your pick...
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    Hi Scott
    I have had 4 screwcut in the last year cost me 35 each none of them have been proofed my remy 243 which i brought in from the US has not been proofed at all,only needs it if i sell the rifle

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    Definately a "Jobs for the boys" one this, how much pressure do they hope to have left at the last half inch anyway?
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    Oh no, not again

    This must be the gazillionth time this subject has been raised on SD and thrashed within an inch of its life.
    KevinF -

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    Thanks for the replies gents, a real help. He has looked into it and asked around and is getting the same sort of replies. I think the buy it and get it threaded somewhere else option is highest on the list at the moment.

    Cheers for your input Kevin, very helpful.

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