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Thread: Less than 72 hours to go......

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    Less than 72 hours to go......

    Before I'll be 'North of the wall'

    Is anyone else as giddy as me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by MJ75 View Post
    Before I'll be 'North of the wall'

    Is anyone else as giddy as me?
    off up there myself friday right after work to get among the bucks hopefuly Neil..

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    You are lucky. I got another year before it is buck season here????????

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    Sometimes I wish Deer managers would feel the same excitement of the arrival of the doe season ,where true deer management takes place,

    Greater in roads in numbers control would be better appreciated than collecting bone, besides they dont taste all that nice even if inserted in widows memories or venison custards.

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    Not me, don't start till may when the first of my clients arrive, maybe take the odd cull buck myself before then but I am in no rush.

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    Sorry stu but Buck season for me is a new start and very exciting just to see what new animals have made it on to the ground. The bucks put the quality in to your stock and it is up to a real deer manager to make sure this happens or we will end up with very pour deer and the meat to bone ratio will suffer big time. What type of deer manager are you Please dont make me laugh. I will be out Friday sat and sunday and i will be hopefully Bone collecting even if they are pour quality or still in velvet. Hope you lads enjoy it this side of the wall and dont shoot to many of our nice animals
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    I hope to be out next week at the bucks but I still have another year to go before the Buck season opens

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    OK jim i will bite mate why is that?

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    If you remember why I am the youngest senior lawn bowls champion in the uk you will get the answer,

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    Stu could not agree with you more maybe its a yorkshire thing but I find does a real challange.thing is the challange not as you put it bone collecting.
    Having said that I will be out 6am friday for an old boy with one long and one short antler already seen him bullying a couple of good looking youngsters.
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