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Thread: Stutzen

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    I am thinking of getting a stutzen in 243. Any advice.



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    Stutzen - yes.

    .243 - not sure if I'd go for that calibre in one.
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    Melbourne rod and gun have a used .243 ruger stutzen in .

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    Wear ear protection. They tend to be short carbine's so the bang is closer to your ears. Muzzle velocity reduction may make your perceived bullet of choice not deer legal.


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    Saw a nice Mannlicher 6.5x55 with a Pecar Scope (and apel mounts, I think) in Country Pursuits, Criicklade this week. Asking 750, which seemed good value. Might be worth a look if you'd consider another calibre.

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    Some food for thought!

    + nice and light, great for walking in thick cover, ideal in close woodland stalking.
    - can not be moderated, quite loud, factory loads may not be deer legal, bullet drop over 100m can be excessive!

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    I love mine, but agree it is not the perfect all rounder for deer. Mine is in 7x64 for boar, none of whom have complained.

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    Shot quite a bit with a Remington Mohawk .243 stutzen nice woodland rifle, but bad loading port no mag no floor plate
    had to cycle the bolt to empty the rifle blxxxy pest.

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    I have a Ruger No.1 International Stutzen in 7x57..19" barrel , you could almost holster it on your belt,it is accurate and has lovely American Walnut..a real classic gem! Anton

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    I don't like them at all. However they do have a following. My post is really to assure you that even if the barrels are only 18" long they will still be deer legal with ANY factory loaded 243 cartridge in 100 grain or (where legal) sensible lighter weights.

    This barrel length vs velocity vs legal velocity requirement I asked about some years ago when moderators were coming in. Apparent even before that tests were done on 308 and etcetara down to 16" and still legal.

    Now in original 6.5mm x 54MS they won't be velocity legal with factory 160 grain bullets which struggled even to be velocity legal in standard barrel length Mannlicher rifles. I am told that there can be "issues" with maintaining zero over a fast fired string of shots.

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