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Thread: swarovski el 8.5x42 wb binos and swarovski laser range finder

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    swarovski el 8.5x42 wb binos and swarovski laser range finder

    swarovski el 8.5x42 binos wb + swarovski range finder as new for sale pm me for price the highlander

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    Why is the price such a big secret?? I thought you were ment to state a price!


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    range finder sold to borden

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    so how much are the binos now.

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    the price was no secret and you do not have state a price anyway what is it got to do with you marine 1980

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    I may have been interested but not without a price!! I always think its a bit dodgy when people dont state a price, its as if they want people to make offers so that they can then take the highest one!


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    If the price is no problem I'll have them 10.00 ok ?

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    what are you some sort of comedian ya sheep sh er

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