Over the past three or four years I have aquired/bought shotguns from older friends and relatives who have given up shooting.They are now staring to gather dust as I seem to always go out with the same couple of guns.I thought I would post them and see if any of you guys were in the market.

1) BSA Side by Side,Double trigger non ejector 30" barrels.It has seem a bit of action but still in good working order 60(pounds,sorry my kids have bust the pound sign on the key board)

2) Fabrique National D' Armes De Guerre , Hestal Belgique Side by Side.Double trigger ejector,box lock 30" barrels,Very nice engraving,could do with reblueing,450 (pounds) ono

3) Army and Navy , Side by Side,Double trigger non ejector,box lock 30" barrels,with original velvet lined box.400(pounds) ono

4) Aya No 2 Sidelock Double trigger ejector,28" barrels,damage to forend,but still a serviceable gun.
550 (pounds) ono

5) Tikka T3 Hunter wooden stock,excellent condition,surplus since I bought a MacMillan stock.175 (pounds)

Mail me if you are interested and I can forward photos.Would do a deal on a good quality chainsaw,a husqvarna or similar