I am reluctantly selling to fund other projects my Gen 2 ATN Aries 6600 night vision scope (4x magnification) this scope is in A1 condition and an outstanding piece of kit (this is not one of those cheap NV scopes )
this scope is ideal for a CF rifle not just a rimfire.

A brief description of the scope

The scope It has its own built in laser illuminator that is good for even small targets out to 100m , when I use an IR filter on my lamp you can identify foxes out to 250m and larger animals like deer /sheep out to over 300m+

The scope has 1/8" MOA elevation & windage adjustment , the scope image is bright and clear with no visible black spots and as good as the day i bought it.

You can control the scope from either the button on its body or from the remote buttons you can attach to the rifle

It has a "proximity sensor " that switches the scope on when its raised to your eye (to save battery) the image can be brightened or dimmer to your needs the scope retical can also be adjusted brighter / dimmer or ever switched off if required .

It comes in one of those indestructible water proof air tight padded cases i think its called a "pelican case"
This scope if used with the restricted light front lens cover can be used as a day scope as well this scope has had very little use and its condition is the same as the day it was bought.

These scopes are retailing at over 1100 I am asking 750 ono inc p&p

below is the technical stuff about the scope and a picture .
ATN Aries MK6600 Gen 2 4x52 Night Vision Rifle Scope

The ATN Mk6600 Smart Series Riflescope 14033 is the latest addition to the Aries Night Vision Weapon scope line. By utilizing the current military designs we have developed the most advanced night vision rifle scopes commercially available.Our new "Red on Green" rear projection aiming system provides the user with a sharp reticle allowing fast and effortless target acquisition. This ATN Night Vision rifle scope system increases the reticle sharpness by 600% over standard NVD riflescopes. Combining this with a 1/8 M.O.A. internal windage elevation system the Mk 6600 is the ultimate choice for Law Enforcement Professionals or the Hunter that insists on his equipment being the best.The range finder reticle in ATN Aries MK 6600 night vision rifle scope was designed to assist you in determining the range of your target. These distances are based on a 6' target. A 6' target fits between the numbered baseline (the three short horizontal lines directly next to the numbers) and the main horizontal line.ATN Aries MK6600 Specifications:
Total darkness tech. Standard
"Smart" tech. Standard
Magnification 4X
Detection range 250m
Recognition range 175 m
FOV 12 deg.
Light gain 65,000 max
Intensifier tube 2nd Gen.American
Lens system 6 element ,F1.2,90 mm
Diopter adjustment +/- 5
Reticle Standard
Controls Digital or remote
Range of focus 6' to infinity
Power supply Two 3volt lithium
Battery life 10-15 hours
Dimensions 300mm x 110mm x 85mm
Weight 1.0 kg