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Thread: Sako 243AI

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    Sako 243AI

    Sako 75 243AI Semi-Custom
    Sako 75 243AI semi custom
    Put up a new add for this as i have been busy and its not used.

    I have for sale my Sako 75 243AI Semi Custom rifle.

    The Spec is as follows;

    Sako 75 Blacked action think its a 3 or 4 will confirm
    Brand new walther match barrel 1:10 twist 25" long stainles steel sporter profile.
    Maccmillan Black sporter stock bedded.
    Optilock 30mm rings and bases - low rings fine for 50mm scope
    Once fire Lapua Brass - before rebarrel
    Screw cut 1/2" UNF for a Jet Z Mod(Mod not included)
    New Ziess Duralyt 3-12x50 scope plus Butler Creeks
    Redding die set
    Range of bullets Gameking/Vmax

    I bought this rifle second hand as a full rifle and had a walther match barrel fitted. It has had 2 proof shots and 10 zero shots by me witha shoot 1 clean 1 and so on break-in.

    All work by Steve kershaw.

    Rifle is mint as its a brand new barrel and stock and scope.

    Price 1750.00 FAC Rule apply as normal.

    Collection or RFD to RFD.

    Scope not for sale on its own unless rifle goes first.

    Rifle will shoot standard factory ammo at 1/2" groups if you dont reload.(remmy accutip 95g)


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    Not got a use for this as too busy at work.

    Will take 1600.00 but no offers.


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    Back up for sale as lads variation didnt go through.

    1600 is a cheap rifle and will fire factory ammo under 1"


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    Will try and sort pics for those that have asked

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    any pics bud?

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