A chap, with the last pound coin go's into a pub to buy a beer but the barman refuses saying "the only use for a pound in here is the gambling machines". So he goes over to the machine, drops it in and wins £50!

He buys himself a beer and thinks; I know I will put some money on a Horse. He puts £10 on a horse at 100 to 1 and 20mins later walks back into the pub a £1000 better off.

An hour later his wife phones him and says “Darling we have won the National Lottery". He immediately buys drinks all round for the people in the pub. Laughing the Barman says, "Mate you are really lucky today, but do you reckon you can get off with that Indian lass over there? We have all tried but no luck"

She is sitting there on here own so he bowls over and starts chatting. At closing time she invites him back to her place for a coffee. A short time later they are in bed, he looks down at her and see's a red bindi in the middle of her forehead and using his thumb he wipes it off and finds he has won a car!