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Thread: How small a calibre?

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    Thumbs down How small a calibre?

    Amazing how small a calibre some people are willing to use.

    Researching ammo on the web, I found this little gem!

    Are we doing deer culling discretely? I know one who has killed dozen yearly as garden pest with a .20 Beeman R-1 air rifle. See what one of the members has done with feral hogs with CB Shorts from 10-35yd.

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    Theres a yank with a web site on hunting ( Keith Warren ) he has vids of himself and others using a Gloch pistol on Deer !!!!!!!!!!!

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    I have taken deer with handgun. What's so surprising? I'll be using my S&W Model 27 this fall on deer.~Muir

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    In Croatia a lot of the beaters are armed with semi auto pistols when hunting boar most are 9mm but there are some 7.65/7.63mm ex-army tt33 pistols and revolvers too, just the job for short range piggy encounter i think.
    "a man does good business when he rids himself of a turd"

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    I think I'd rather have something with more punch than a 9mm!~Muir

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    I have been trying to find it again but I either saw on youtube or read on a shooting forum of someone shooting a muntie with 17 HMR.
    Not impressed.

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