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Thread: Bds dsc 1.

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    Bds dsc 1.

    Just completed my DSC 1 with the British Deer Society held at the blair atholl arms hotel. I have to say that the two corse leaders major Hugh Rose and Dave Goffin were absolutely fantastic. They both had a huge knowledge of the subject and were more than happy to take time to speak with anyone that had any questions for them.

    I have to admit that before going on the course i had my reservations. Those reservations were soon blown out of the water. The course overall has definitely been worth the money and i would be more than happy to recommend it to anyone thats interested in learning more about stalking. Even having a few impromptu chats with the people around you was great for sharing stories and definitely increased the opportunity to find out how others might do things maybe slightly differently to you. I certainly learned a lot more than i expected to.

    Well done to the BDS for putting on such a well run and extremely good value for money course.

    cheers, Dan

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    If you dont mind me asking mate how much was it for the course ,I intend doing it this year at some point?

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    The details are here:

    The cost of the course is 299....

    Regards JCS

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    Thats Mr Rose these days , sir

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    haha, trouble your right! it is Mr Rose! and JCS is right, it is 299 and well worth it

    cheers, dan

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