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Thread: FAC renewal

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    FAC renewal

    i had my fac reminder come on the 23rd jan 2011 collected all relivant info ,sent it back recorded delivery ,had my visit on the 4th march,everything went fac ranout on the 23rd march and still havent recived it back.rang then up and they said there was a back i have recived my stalking lease,s for renewal and they need a copy of my fac.any idea,s what i can do.

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    Firstly, you are potentially in a very serious position if you still have possession of your firearms but no valid FAC.

    If you have forwarded the renewal in good time then it should be turned around prior to the expiry date.

    Email them ASAP and request the immediate issue of your FAC or a temporary permit, (they don't like to do that as it's an admission that they are not performing but you are not acting unreasonably to request it), or an explanation as to why neither are forthcoming.You could also inform them that any RFD storage charges will be claimed. Get replies in writing and don't accept verbal assurances that you are 'okay'.

    That should prompt a rapid response and get your FAC back so you can satisfy your leassor.

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