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Thread: Firearms (Electronic Communications) Order 2011

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    Firearms (Electronic Communications) Order 2011

    I had no idea but apparently from tomorrow mandatory notifications can now be made to the police by email or fax rather than by snail mail.

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    As in change of address or sale/transfer notifications etc...?
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    That will save us all a few quid on recorded deliveries, ideal.

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    we have been able to do email sale/transfers letters to Cumbria police for the last 4 or 5 year's
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    Yep same here , Sussex happy with email for sale/transfers .

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    Anyone know about Lancashire. Would be very handy

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    Avon and Somerset have been ok with email for over a year

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    So do you all keep a copy of the email you send? How do you know they have received the notification?

    I only ask as I had a very nasty incident with the police some years back, about 6 months after swapping my .243 for my beloved 6.5x55 they {Police} contacted the gun shop demanding to know why they had committed an offence of not informing them of the sale. Careful questioning confirmed we both had notified them in the alloted time period and they had lost the paperwork. When enquiring if we were to get an apology, the cops then said... "You commit offences, we make mistakes" and hung up. Recorded all the way for me I'm afraid as its an offence not to notify in the timescales and its too easy for them to say they never got it.

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    All my firearm related dealings with cheshire have been by email and to date the have been great to deal with just shame about the variation side


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    Northern do it via email, I always ask for a receipt email to confirm that they have received/actioned it, they always reply.
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