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Thread: Anschutz 525 .22lr semi auto rifle for sale

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    Anschutz 525 .22lr semi auto rifle for sale

    Few marks here and there but i consider it to be in good condition 195 ono. Cycles perfectly using eley subs (havent tried others through it but never had 1 jam) comes complete with parker hale mod & a cheap scope (cant remember off the top of my head the make but clear glass and ideal for this rifle) will rfd but costs 45. Pictures available to serious interested parties. Any trial welcome if local

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    I m interested in purchasing your rifle. Please send me a quote in US dollars. I am a Federal Firearms dealer in the US. Can you ship this to the US or have a dealer in the UK ship to me? Please let me know as soon as possible.
    Thank you very much.
    Richard Stone
    Rancho Laredo Firearms Inc.

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    Sorry sold along time ago

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