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Thread: Newer than new but getting there

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    Newer than new but getting there

    Morning all,

    Not much to say initially (until I get to grips with it all)

    Currently residing in North Yorkshire but originally hail from the borders of Cheshire/Shropshire/Clwyd

    I am relatively new to stalking but have completed my level 1 as a starting block. Now all I need is the experience and guidance from the professionals and make friends along the way. Some bone questions may be posed by me (albeit some say the only bone question is the one not asked) so please bear with me.

    Been looking at the site for a while now (when I should have been working) and it looks great (read alot into the top tips page!)

    Thank you all


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    Welcome aboard. Good intro.

    Regards JCS

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    Hi Karl welcome. I used to shoot and fish around the settle area many moons ago very nice place.

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