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Thread: what socks ? material etc

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    what socks ? material etc

    hi guys

    just back form another stint offshore and by christ this march was feet were like blocks of ice !!!!!

    im fed up buying supposed good socks and they end up worse than crap!!!

    so any recommendations for socks to help keep feet warm????

    cant be mega expensive

    due to 1) the laundry offshore is usually one!!!!!!!!!!

    2) even tho folks offshore make reasonable wage there still peeps who if clock em would nick em

    so where do you get yours????????

    sauer /paul

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    Harkila the light green ones not the dark ones about 20 -22 notes a pair but they are realy worth it.

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    Sealskinz probably worth a try same sort of money as the Harkila,

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    Work offshore myself, cant look past bridgdales mid-weight autum, heavy weight winter, light weight summer, Guaranteed to last the washing munching machine, dont know about the t-leaves going thru washing bags.

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    Offshore or in a trench, goretex socks are pretty hard to beat

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