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    I don't know how you lot feel but i think it is time we had our own organisation . BASC BDS NGO SGO SACS ETC ETC ETC Have no idea really what deerstalkers need or want and the one organisation that could have made us individual the BDS just say they are not for deerstalkers they are a charity . Should we have our own organisation that is for deerstalkers and deerstalkers alone then discussions on tests and other topics could be influenced by the chaps on the ground not some

    B.O.M.M type ps stands for (British organisation for making money )

    I know were i would like to put my 20 _30 pounds a year but at the moment have no choice.

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    That sounds like a good idea to me.

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    Divide and rule?

    we need one voice not lots.

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    I agree with bobt, on voice is much stronger than loads of little ones.
    Look at the Americans with Ducks Unlimited.

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    Bobt and Tony is that a support or not as its not clear what way you are on this. For me we are as divided as we get as a deerstalker none of the organisations back us at all. Yet we make up 90 % of the bds funds.

    Maybe some one would be kind enough to set it as a vote topic i don't know how to set it up that way we could see what people think.

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    6.5 x 55,

    Idealy 1 organisation to cover all field sports .
    Im not sure if a specific stalking organisation would actually benefit stalkers in the long run.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tony
    6.5 x 55,

    Idealy 1 organisation to cover all field sports .
    Im not sure if a specific stalking organisation would actually benefit stalkers in the long run.
    How about a field sports council to include all the organisations> A bit like a T.U.C. for field sports

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    stalkers own club

    Years ago Christofer Borthen of the stalking mag approached the NGO to do just this they said it was all stitched up by BASC and BDS as they run all the courses and make money out of them and obviously a certain few of there members do very nicely out of them they felt what ever they did they would not be able to get in on the act . So said best leave things alone as they are as you wont be able to get into the lucrative business of running courses as they do . Even if you run the course the big 2 get the money for the certificates and badges

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    Looking over the history and posts on this forum , you cannot get 3 folk to agree on the colour of *****. I am sometimes embarrassed to associate with the shooting fraternity.

    this is the way it is in the country. one upmanship. all we care about is outdoing the next guy. The USA is different full of cameradery and genuine friendship between hunters.

    I know this is a sweeping generalisation but there are far to many chiefs in the UK and not enough indians. This is how it has been politically for may centuries, clan fighting clan, ruling by divide and conquer.

    so another organisation is not the way forward. BASC is ****, but the best of a bad bunch. Get on the commitees and change it from within.

    rant over


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    Hi 308,
    you read my mind.
    Just look at what happens to any organisation, stalking or otherwise. All starts well with one guy, maybe two, running the show. They do it for the sheer joy of it. Alas, it gets too big for them alone, so they get more people involved. The new guys want different things, power, money, influence, or just have diverse ideals, and so on. The whole job goes to sh"$úte, and rarely ever achieves the original goals of the guys who started it. So in answer to the original question:- Great idea, but my gut feeling is go the 308 route, and try to influence what is already there. More effective than spending time beating yourself up for something which you will then stand by and watch others tear down or change beyond all recognition.

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