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Thread: First Year Stalking

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    First Year Stalking

    My first year of stalking is just ending and has been a bit of a rollercoaster, I think I chose the right rifle in a mannlicher, a good calibre in 25-06 and eventually a good scope S&B 8x56 Ill. (after 3 tries - any one want to buy a scope?).

    In October I decided to take my DSC1 which I duly passed and would recommend this to any novice stalker.

    I have been out with professional stalkers during the year and shot roe, missed sika and munties but really wanted a ground where I could learn and make my mistakes in private.

    In April I managed to get into a small two man syndicate in Dumfries & Galloway which seemed to be full of does on previous visits but on Monday afternoon it all came to fruition when I shot my first six point roe.

    I was on the land alone and generally wandering from clearing to clearing when I saw a roe, I could not make out the sex as it was browsing in the larches and partially obscured about 100 yards away.

    So began my first lone stalk - generally I am like a bull in a china shop and I cannot believe that the roe could not hear my heart thumping or heavy breathing. I slowly stalked down the edge of the plantation until about 70 yards the head came up - a buck - but no clear shot through the trees. More slow advancing with him walking slowly away from me, the urge to run was immense.

    I saw that he was starting to browse again and I brought my rifle up onto my sticks and waited, he raised his head and I could clearly see his head and kneck down to the top of his chest, an 'engine room' shot was out so I moved to the top of the kneck and pulled the trigger. A clean kill, straight down and he didn't move.

    Reloaded and walked over to the spot where he fell and sure enough stone dead - my first six point roe, my first lone stalk and my first deer on the new ground - all in the first year.

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    Good write up - I bet your heart was in your mouth when you took the shot.

    How did you feel doing the gralloch, carcass prep etc yourself? Was it a struggle?

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    Dealing with the carcase wasn't bad (I used to be a meat inspector) but the gralloch could have been better - for example I left the bladder in but quickly realised what I had done and took it out without any spillage. I now have to start sausage making and boil the head etc etc.

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    Well done mate, a good read.

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    Well done, you can add first write up of solo stalk to your list.

    I look forward to reading many more


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    Well done Tony. What a year for you, I hope it continues to produce more memories in the future, and by the way............ congratulations on taking the Buck, well done.

    Happy Days


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    Nice one Tony, it's a buzz shooting your first deer on your own, well done. I hope next season is as good if not beeter than this one for you.
    Nice read, you will never forget that buck.

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    Well done Tony really pleased for you, cracking looking buck many congradulations.

    Look forward to seeing you soon & hearing first hand about the stalk over a pint in the Swan.


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    well done .Good write up, good to see you have had some good fortune in your first year. All the best

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