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Thread: 17hmr or 22lr

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    17hmr or 22lr

    just want anybodys opinion which would you choose 17hmr or 22lr this as an everyday rabbit corvid with chance of fox as well

    cheers webby

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    The 22lr is very hard to beat as a good all round bunny basher at short ranges, if you will be shooting at longer ranges the 17hmr will be the gun of choice. Both very good small vermin calibers.

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    got the 2 of them and (IF I HAD TO GIVE 1 ) it would 17hmr!!!!( 22lr for up 70 mts) and the (17 out to 120 mts but u/s in wind) round to ligth but on agood day (no wind )head shoots at 120 all day with 17hmr but its a good thing i don.t have to give 1 up ???? but i do take my 22 out more ? if that any help to u

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    I have more .22's than I can count off the top of my head...maybe 2 dozen? but own only 2 HMR's. I shoot .22 every day and wouldn't be without one on my hikes across the wilderlands of Montana.~Muir

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    cheers guys its just as money tight need to get most use and value out of what i get .ive got feo coming round on wed night and he has said if i want to change anything thats time to do it .

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    Quote Originally Posted by webby954 View Post
    cheers guys its just as money tight need to get most use and value out of what i get .
    22 all day
    cheap to buy 2nd hand, cheap to feed, range of HV and sub bullets
    never get an HMR as quiet

    neither is a fox round IMO unless you are inside 50yds (30yds for the 22) and can get a clean headshot, wouldnt mention fox to the FEO if I were you, depends entirely on where you are based, I have vermin on Fox listed on my FAC under the HMR but most counties dont like it.

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    Another vote for the 22. Once you know its capabilities you wont look back.17 too fussy with weather conditions , ammo too expensive & never get it quite.On the plus side less chance of ricoshays.I never under estimate the 22 rim.

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    This is a no brainer ! You run both .22lr ot to 80 yards with subs ( virtually no noise ) & .17 hmr out to 200 yards (if no wind ) sorry to preach,lee

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    22rf - cheap ammo and accurate.

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