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Thread: Blaser Bolt Holder

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    Blaser Bolt Holder

    Afternoon All,

    does anyone know of any companies selling Blaser Bolt Holders?

    seems to be a bit of a pain just sticking it in your pocket.



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    Why remove it?

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    i remove all the bolts to my rifles when traveling from A-B even in the back of the car with me sat in the front i have my bolts in a bolt holder on my belt. I have recently purchased the Blazer and with the way their bolts are it is obviously imposible to get them in a standard bolt holder, just wondered if anyone offered them ?

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    Trade it in for an R8 and you can leave the bolt in and just remove the magazine and trigger unit.

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    you could always try an enquiry here:- bespoke leather

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    You can just remove the bolt head to make it non-functional, that would fit in a small pouch/container. Personally I prefer mine to be assembled at all times.

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    Grant N
    i only just bought the R93 and im already thinking about getting another, i absoloutly love it !!

    downwind: thanks for the link i may drop him an email and see what they can do for me!

    offroad Gary: i hadn't thought of just removing the bolt head not a bad idea cheers

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    I remove mine from the action when I put it in the hard case as it sits a bit proud otherwise.
    At present, to stop it rattling about, I put it in a cut off tube of rubber I have left from a T8 moderator tube but I am always concious of squeezing the rails together and make sure I don't.
    If a leather case was made for it, it would have to have some sort of divider to make sure the rails stayed apart and not bent.
    If anybody came up with a good idea and at reasonable price, I'd be interested in one.

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    Blaser supply the perfect bolt holder with every R93 - the stock!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Offroad Gary View Post
    Blaser supply the perfect bolt holder with every R93 - the stock!
    With the bolt in the stock, when placed in the hard case, the first thing to touch the lid when closing it - The Bolt so stands to reason there must be pressure on it when the case is closed and the rifle is in transit.
    The thought of tons of whatever the baggage handlers decide to put on top it when travelling through some of the airports I travel through does not bare thinking about

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