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Thread: SD Media Centre off to a flying start!

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    SD Media Centre off to a flying start!

    Not to be outdone by the latest developments at Marford Mill, the admin team at SD have been busy commissioning their own state-of-the-art media centre. The first video is hosted by two of the forum's most frequent and vocal contributors in which they discuss how difficult it is to get an FC lease, how useless BDS/BASC/NGO/CA/SGO etc. are, what they think of their local FLO and how much better the world would be if they were in charge.

    Unfortunately, Admin failed to identify either contributor so can anybody suggest which two of us they might be.

    /l\ Y gwir yn erbyn y byd /l\

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    I see the left socks off. No no no its the right one...........phew.

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    the one holding up his hand saying talk to the hand is Bob aka widows son, i would assume that the one doing all the talking and complaining is none other than dave aka 6pointer
    Last edited by centralbeltstalker; 03-04-2011 at 08:15. Reason: ha ha sorry Bod thats Bob

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    I NEARLY LAUGHED PS Frank how is your L2 Coming on
    Last edited by 6pointer; 02-04-2011 at 21:02.

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    Davie just like Alexs shop on a Saturday .

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    No bob there are more in Alex Bitching.

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    Thanks dave for your interest in my l2, 20 months too late i may add, but its sitting in its envelope, thanks, on my kitchen table still waiting to be completed.
    far too much going on at the moment to get it completed and sent away.

    regards f,

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