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Thread: mentoring..(land restrictions)

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    mentoring..(land restrictions)

    Hi, a boy thats been shooting with us for around 3 yrs, ive known him through the terriers for 25 yrs has just applied for a firearms certificate and its thought as hes applied for a 308 for deer and boar he may have to accept the mentoring condition, my question is if i was to mentor him could i do so on all my land or only on the two blocks he has of his own.

    many thanks eddie

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    depends on whether the land is cleared for .308 as I asume he will have closed ticket on first application.

    also he should really get permission to shoot on your land (not neccessarily written)
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    It depends on whether his certificate is specific to only his named ground or not and would allow for shooting on other grounds where he has permission under the supervision of a mentor but.... Also, is your ground cleared for use of that calibre because I know some areas are strange saying for example that a named ground may only use up to say .243??

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    Thats true boys im not sure that much of the ground we shoot is cleared for 308 because we both have open tickets so it might not be an option, thats a pity as we will have to go through the written permission and land clearance for all of it by the looks.....many thanks eddie

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    i had the same problem when i first got my fac last year, even though i had my own bit of ground with deer on they insisted i had to have a mentor?? i asked about going out with him on his ground and was told that i had to have written permission from the landowner to shoot on there even though my mentor would be taking me??? load of old codswollop if you ask me but unless you've got the time and patience there is no arguing with your fld. well not with west mercia anyway not worth the hassle!!

    Regards, Jez.

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    sounds like he might aswell turn down the mentoring and we will get him written onto some of the land we shoot as we go along and he can keep putting it in to get it cleared

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    I'm just a spectator on this thread but, I have a couple of questions.

    What is this notion that only certain calibres/cartridges may be used on certain land?

    What terms of reference are used in deciding?

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    My mate had his visit today and a few things have arose from it id like to run past you all...

    1..even though hes agreed to a mentoring condition they want him to do a dsc 1 course or at least book it or no fac and if he dosent then take the coarse they will revoke his fac..

    2..even though one of his 3 blocks of land has boar on it they think it unlikely he will be granted a 308 for his first grant but will allow a 243 for deer..

    3..and he has provided names numbers and addresses for said land but now he has to take forms to them all to be filled in, is all this nessesery

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    1. Gonads... Dsc1 cannot be enforced.

    2. Testicles... to obtain FAC for any calibre you must provide good reason, wild boar present is good reason.

    3. Crown Jewels... Only 1 written permission letter is required

    FEO's will try it on if you let them
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    I never had any of this stuff off gwent when i applied, im sure hes trying to enforce his own agenda as we provided proof and they checked face to face or phoned for comformation, so ive told him as they want written and face to face he should ask for any refusal on any grounds to be put in writing for basc to look at...

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