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Thread: guard dog

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    guard dog

    hi guy's, after having my yard ripped of again i,m in the market for a large guard dog, anything considered but nothing on it's last legs as so if anyone is wanting to get rid of owt please pm me. it will be walked twice daily and will have a 30m x 35m yard to potter around in all day.cheers stav

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    Trouble is the pikeys will just poisen the dog if they want in.

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    What a crap quality of life for the dog ! Is that it?

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    THATS cheap way oot, why not just secure the yard by spending money, dog aint the ans

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    Quote Originally Posted by inverwire View Post
    THATS cheap way oot, why not just secure the yard by spending money, dog aint the ans

    the problem is no matter how much you spend on security it never works
    but using a detterent does
    just by walking a guard dog down the lane or training it on the local green pays divedends in the end as local knowledge spreads
    you will never stop a hardend barsteward with money alone
    my advice is to set up a perimeter fence which is dog proof and allow the dogs to roam freely night and day but teach them that tit bits are danger
    they will hav a good qualitry of life and it will help in preventing future break ins

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    Whatever you have in your yard if it's valuable then it will attract attention. A dog will only end up dead! I had a very large german Shepard that was very keen. All the pikeys did was pull a fence panel wide enough for the dog to stick it's head through. The dog was found dead at the fence and all my livestock gone!

    Do yourself a favour and alarm and remote CCTV the yard.

    You would be in the ***** anyway if the dog mauled a thief!!

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    the yard has cctv but they never catch them in the is also dog safe and as for whats in the yard it's scaffolding. as for crap life must be better than sat in a house or kennel and been took out twice a day if that?????

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    Stav, A good guard dog is one that has been trained to protect property (this includes food refusal)and not just any dog that barks on the approach of strangers. Like any working dog it's level of training must be continued throughout it's working life. I remember a local yard where ice cream vans were kept had a dog that certainly looked the part but firstly it was allowed to become accustomed to employees/delivery guys and customers coming and going and secondly when he did bark at these persons was told to go to his "kennel". Result was that at night he would bark very convincingly at strangers but if you shouted "kennel" would back off and go to his bed.
    Another consideration in using a dog is that by law you cannot allow a dog to roam freely without a handler being present. If no handler he must be chained. If chained he is useless.
    Better with good electronics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gazza View Post
    Better with good electronics.
    Yes, two bare wires along the window sill and a 13 amp plug with a nail instead of a fuse.

    only kidding. Had my own yard done twice. both culprits did time. second time while I was in at 4.00am securing yard my wife, the casualty sister, was patching up the culprit who had the perfect imprint of a police size 12 on his back. He threatened a policeman with his nailbar not realising plod 2 was standing behind him. He did my yard, the garden centre and was caught doing the children's nursery.

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    cut along story short i,ve been done over a few times. the people that run the cctv all over south yorkshire have there control room in our yard complex and bang next to my yard. in the past when i,ve left my 2 dogs in the yard(ridgebacks) over night when i,ve gone away for the night the security have said the dogs were barking last night but dint see owt on cctv. so it does alert them in the control room to look at there screens. not after a dog with a s on it's chest and a cape just something so security will hear it and proberly wake up lol. before anybody ask's my dogs have always been house dogs so not use to staying out side except for 3/4 nights a year if i can not get anyone to have them. i know lots of dog men who keep afew dogs in a poxy kennel with a 2x1 dog run so at least it would be looked after walked fed and able to stretch it's legs at it's own leisure. cheers stav

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