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Thread: This one really is for the Anoraks ......

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    This one really is for the Anoraks ......

    (Posted in answer to another thread)

    I don't know if anyone else uses this, but there's an interactive Java App. which opens up on the Norma website. The link for the English version is at:-

    Select 'Ballistic US' which kicks it all off.

    If you don't use the standard Norma ammo programmed in, you can alter it to the bullet weighti/coefficient you use, change the zero range, velocity, and other variables to get your whatever answer you need.

    Give this a whirl - it's free
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    Useful to know, thanks.

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    Exchange thy anorak for a hooded sweater, thoust not yet near the summit of anorakry.

    Now this:

    would gladden the heart of any self-respecting anorak, correcting for the rifle twist rate and the Coriolis effect anyone?

    In all seriousness, the JBm one is very good and also free.

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    You can't be a true anorak until you've got one downloaded into your iPhone and connected that to your chrono and weather station!
    And no, I haven't

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