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Thread: lapua brass

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    lapua brass

    just an idea all, if people could let me know what new lapua brass you want and i will put a order together and i will let you all have it at very good prices look what i have just sold the 243 brass for.


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    260rem please. 200 of.

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    if the price is right 100 of 223 rem

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    may be up for 100 .20tac dekota brass, but you have to be good prices chris.

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    I'd take 100 .308Win. Bushwear sells these for 50, so I assume you can get quite a bit better if you get a mass-order....

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    got any 30-06?
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    308 and 243 please
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    I'd like a price on 7mm08 please.

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    sounds good, price for .243 and 22-250 please

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