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Thread: 1st buck of the year!!!

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    Those clean point look vicous. or is it camera angle

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    that is a nice buck well done.

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    Stu, answer me this burning question...I have been out on a few stalks with hunters from germany / austria and some of them have a `tribute` to their quarry practice which includes placing grass in the mouth of the deer...I have never asked why until now...Can you tell me?...Cheers

    ...Nice buck by the way...
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    I bet he ambushed him when he was having his dinner
    Sorry couldn't resist.
    Nice buck though.

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    Hello sparko! Its the last supper!! as the end is nigh. Hope it helps.
    cheers ss.

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    He shoud make a good head when you clean him up a bit the front tines are really long well done on him.

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    Cracking buck, very prominent front tines. Would like to see pics when trophy prepared?

    Well Done!



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    nice beast! and nice to see a fellow x-bolt owner too!

    Regards, Jez.
    slowly slowly catch a monkey..

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