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Thread: Primer tool recommendations.

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    Primer tool recommendations.

    Having done my first batch with the primer bar on the RCBS Partner Press, I was wondering which dedicated priming tool might be worth a look.

    I am aware the Lee Autoprime used to have a bad reputation but is now improved. Should I get that, or spend a bit more on the RCBS etc?



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    The Lee " Autoprime " is a great, easy to use bit of kit and at around 16 new, just buy one


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    I use the RCBS hand tool. I got it as part of the RCBS kit and have used since day one. Rgds JCS

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    I have been using the Sinclair Priming Tool for the past 2 - 3 years, and for low volume reloading I find it to be superb, good feel for the seating depth, and pleasing to use. Drawbacks?..... The need to handle each primer, and it is expensive!

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    +1 on the sinclair - it is a quality tool that should last a lifetime.

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    Lee. I've used the same one for two decades now.~Muir

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    Used a Lee Auto Prime for nearly 30 years, the trays are fiddly to change and I brought a second when a friend sold his kit during the pistol ban.

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    lee auto prime is very good not as well put together as the rcbs but quick and easy to use does the job

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    I have used this RCBS bench priming tool for over 40 years.
    It holds the case firmly in position for the charge to be poured in via the long neck funnel.
    It has interchangeable priming stems for large or small primers.
    My Rockchucker press is to the right on the bench and has the bullet seating die in place to complete the operation.

    As a first task I full-length re-size and de-cap all cases then remove that die and replace it with the bullet seater.
    If it is still made it is an item that is perfect for purpose. [Try Aftab Hamid of Oxford for any re-loading gear.]

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    Thanks guys. I'll see what the local shops have on offer.

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