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Thread: Leupold VX-III 4.5-14x40 LR

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    Leupold VX-III 4.5-14x40 LR

    30mm Tube
    Side Paralax
    Duplex Ret
    1/4 MOA Adjustment
    Low profile turrets
    Butler Creeks
    Boxed with registration docs
    Lifetime guarantee
    Excellent condition but for one mark which I have tried to show on the pics, The obj bell has a mark on it where it has had a little knock (fuming don't know how it happened) but there is no effect on performance obviously and can't be seen with the BC'c fitted. No ring marks of crimping. This is currently in use as my stalking scope and performs very well.

    The last pic looks like the scope is marked but it is not (other than where I have mentioned, and this looks worse in the pic than it does in reality)
    Apologies for the naff pics, looks like I've just forked out 100 quid for a camera that take photos worse than my phone :rolleyes:
    400 posted RMSD
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    can I ask why you are selling?

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    Selling as I want a bigger objective scope on my lamping rig.

    Now comes with a 2" sunshade (found one in the box).

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    still up for grabs guys...

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