View Poll Results: What qualifications do you currently have?

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  • DSC 1

    24 55.81%
  • DSC 2

    12 27.91%
  • BDS Deer Managers Course

    2 4.65%
  • Advanced Stalking Certificate

    5 11.63%
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Thread: A poll like no other

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    A poll like no other

    This should get a few going.
    Please read this: If you hold the Deer Managers course, just tick that. We wknow then that the DSC 1+2 IS HELD.

    If you have DSC 2 just tick that.


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    You have left none off of the options.

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    I have a CSE in woodwork,but,I am trying hard...........Martin.

    p.s. never been one for qualifications.

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    I did the DSC1 course a year ago but the independent assessor was not able to attend for the testing part. I was not able to make the re-arranged assessment a week or so later and left it at that.

    Enjoyed the course, pity there was no certificate at the end of it!

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    Wait to see the feathers fly with this one
    I did level 1 with basc not as expensive as bds in the lake district,also took level 2 part in lakes and rest in south west scotland agian not too hard on the pocket as for the rush on fc stalkers to get level 2 they must have been warned it was needed

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    i got a 5M swimming badge when i was a nipper!

    i bought the material to study dsc1 at home, never got round to doing the test. i did however use the manual last night to to raise the stock of my rifle whilst boresighting my new scope, very useful book!

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    i did my dsc1 last year with mudman. it was a great course as he said, although we did have to return to do the assessment.

    i am currently working towards my level 2.

    i also have a GCSE in Welsh language, I am an aircraft recognition instructor and loads of other really useful stuff.

    my aim is to train up to accreditted witness level.

    when i first started deer stalking i thought i would never do the qualifications as i believed they were a cynical money making ploy. However i have found them necassary to access some stalking. when i did the course i found it very interesting and whilst i maybe didn't learn a huge amount i found that it confirmed my practises and the chatting with the other guys was great.


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    Dsc1 , Swedish jägare exam, City & guilds in animal husbandry.

    Never passed the boy scouts cooking badge due to the fat in the pan was to hot and the bacon srivelled to nothing.

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