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Thread: Crown carbon!?

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    Crown carbon!?

    I'm now officially fed up with trying to keep the carbon build-up from the crown of my rifle! I'm sure the moderator doesn't help, but that has to stay. I'm also worried that I may damage the crown! Grease seems to burn away after a few shots.
    Should I just leave it?
    We used to use 'Jenolite Jelly' which is a phosphoric acid rust remover on the gas plugs of the old SLR rifles so I'm wondering if something like that might work?
    Any ideas what to do or use?

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    have you tried an aerosol carburettor cleaner? Something like quicksilver powertune (sold by mercury outboard engine dealers) should work. Otherwise a carbon cleaner like KG1 or Carb-Out on a cloth might be worth a go.

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    Kg1 carbon remover i use it on my stainless barrels . Put on leave a few min wipe off no carbon !

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    Quote Originally Posted by splash View Post
    Kg1 carbon remover i use it on my stainless barrels . Put on leave a few min wipe off no carbon !
    You're the Man!!

    Amonia free for my stainless barrel too!
    Nice one mate!

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    i put some of the kg carbon remover on it and if its stubbon baked on carbon get the 0000 wirewool hold the barrel and with your thumb lightly turn it over the crown with your rifle.

    it comes up like new. and dont worry it wont damage your crown.

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    I use KG1 also. I only have this problem since I started using a moderator.
    I also get a lot of carbon in the last 2 to 3 inches of the barrel and have to use a bronze brush with KG1 for that.

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    + 1 for KG1 ( & KG12)


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    Not having a moderator on any of my centrefire rifles I am not familiar with the problem but the quetion comes to mind how many rounds do you fire without removing the moderator for this to become a problem?
    To my way of thinking surely you remove the moderator regularly and isn't it a simple matter to wipe away the carbon before it builds up? Like I said I'm not familiar with this problem as .22 rifles don't really produce carbon build up to any significant degree, well not enought to cause a problem.

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    I use my rifle for a bit of target shooting and shoot 30 to 50 rounds and always take the mod off and clean my rifle afterwards.
    I never had the carbon problem until I started using the moderator.

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    Well if you are shooting 30 - 50 rounds rather than the one or two rounds sporting shooters may shoot in an outing that would explain it. The gasses have to go somewhere and with them the residue.

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