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Thread: NGO Dogs 4 Deer day

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    NGO Dogs 4 Deer day

    It's not every day you get invited to join a group of stalkers which all have one thing in common,
    All were Interested in learning how to train a dog for deer work
    so I took up that invite and tagged along at the last NGO Dogs 4 Deer day
    The event took place last Weekend 26 & 27 of March
    Unfortunately I could only attend on the Sunday which was the more advanced day so missed out on the introductory day
    It was an interesting day where I learn't a bit more into the insight of working as a team, not just with your dog but along with other stalkers
    I arrived a little early so I could meet and greet my hosts Mark Elliot who has set up the NGO Dogs 4 Deer days
    & Mike Dickinson of Calton Moor range where the event was being held
    Calton Moor Range
    The day was being run by guest speakers and very experienced dog trackers themselves Alan ( Jagare) and Rudi who is Chairman of a Flemish tracking organisation
    vlaamse zweethondengroep
    with the usual meet and greet with some old friends who were booked in on the day, I also met a whole group of other interesting dog men which had brought with them a different array of dogs to work on the day
    The day began with Rudi & Alan taking small groups around several different areas where they had set up simulated shot sites for us to examine, bit like crime scenes
    It was upto us to try and determine the facts and suggest appropiate action on those facts
    That prooved an instant hit with the guys I walked around with as it created good discussion and helped those with lesser experience see how much they miss at first glance
    for me I was beginning to see that I had made the right decision to attend
    some of the guys examining the scenes

    our host and guest speaker setting a short drag trail

    first dog up
    A beautifull specimen of a Hannoverian that worked extremely well and you could see the owner had put some effort into the training

    A nice young promising Visla

    bit of classroom work where Rudi explained about his organisation and how they ran
    also used a slide show to talk and point out about shot reaction and bullet placement mixed with what signs to look out for

    some more pics of the guys and dogs on the day

    This was an absolutely great day out which was well organised and made even more pleasurable by all those that attending
    It was great to meet all those involved and to watch their dogs work
    anyone else thinking of attending any futher NGO Dogs 4 Deer day
    I would definately recommend it
    best wishes

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    I too was invited to the second day of the course and was glad i went. I Would to recomend the course to anyone interested in looking to train a deer dog. Also a good chance to other like minded people.

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    Yes a good day. I thought the 'crime scene' exercises that Rudi & Alan conducted were particularly interesting - not just the standard 'frothy blood must be a lung shot' type of thing - and designed to make you think a bit.

    I did the BMH training day and practical tracking assessment the following Sunday, so it was good to compare the two and pick up some good tips from both, (as well as a badge and certificate for the dog's work!).
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    I too traveled up for the day, picked up some good points and it was nice to meet some of the site members i have not as yet met, we all did some very simple trails with our dogs and well done to mark and alan for putting on the day.


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    It was a pleasure to meet you and watch you both at work .. looking good

    Yes those crime scenes made you think a little, I really enjoyed those and I know the guys I walked round learn't a fair bit from them too
    Also good news on the BMHS cert,

    Really good to meet up at last Anthony , you hav a pretty useful looking Lab there, some much drive and vigour on the trail
    she looked like she knew what she was doing and I reckon will take some beating by the time she matures
    A pleasure to watch
    Did you see the cocker work the trail, I was actually quite impressed considering it was only it's 2nd ever trail
    So good to see such a variety of dogs and watch them work
    craking day

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