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Thread: second buck of the year

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    second buck of the year

    well set out this morning to meet john wheather looking promising and the wind had died so was in for a real treat. as we headed to the ground there was deer out in ajoining feilds so was looking good we parked up to get ready and straight away there where three out on the field so quickly got my gear sorted and headed out. the hills are lovely and rolling so easy to drop into one and stalk on out of view till we dropped down the hedge side but gaining on them it became apparent the doe was out to our left in the field while the young bucks where to our right and we needed to get buy the doe this was going to be tricky as the ground was littered with twigs ready to give the game away.we managed to get within 50yrds of the doe and we waited for a shot on a small buck by now the doe had browsed along to meet the buck and a young doe when all of a sudden a bigger buck decided he didnt like the look of them and chased them off bugger we tracked back away hoping to find some more out on the other fields only to find ourselfs walking parrallel with a big dog fox only 15 yrds away i unslung the rifle to see him slink off into thick cover .well we was hoping to catch up with him on the otherside when crossing a track we spotted a doe but wind not in our favour we carried on in the hopes a buck popped out and to continue getting into postion for other deer futher up. she slinked back in the wood like we thaught but undetered we carried on only to meet derick a lovely six point medal now if he had good colouring derick would now be with me in spirit writing this but alas he was still pale and far to good to take just now so we watched him browsing with his girl in tow for a good while and decided to stalk on . at this point the sun was just getting abit of heat to it and a couple of bucks had come out into the field behind so again using the hills we stalked on to where they where last seen. glassing all the time one jumped the fence and headed off but the other known as malcolm was still somewhere hidden behind the hill creeping forward i spotted him head down browsing merily along he was around 140 yrds i went up onto sticks and waited for a good broadside as he was quartering away at the first sighting and then safety off and a bark from the 270 and malcolm went down hard the famous saying was spoken,good shot reload and then the safety re set we wandered down to see him at first glance looked like a 5 pointer but turned out to be a 7 pointer so well chuffed with the end result on a fine sunday morning and back to fit a seat in a prime spot. atb wayneClick image for larger version. 

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    Fantastic mate, well done! It sounds like John has plenty of deer on that ground. Can you post a better picture of the head for us?


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    yes mate i will do some close ups when cleaned off he might even do 8 point but need to get the hair off to check properly atb,wayne

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    Nice write up and pics. Looking forward to the further pics of the head.



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    Great write up Wayne and well done.

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    Well done again Wayne i'm glad someones having some luck,friday evening had two young bucks and a doe in the field above where i was stood in the edge of a wood and they were skylined and then walked right up across my wind so they were off then last night spotted a nice buck just making his way through some young trees towards the ride i was on so was up on the sticks quick but had the dog lead around my wrist,buck was walking straight into sights then dog sees buck sits down and just tweeked the lead enough to pull the sights off and then the buck saw us,gameover,i'll have to try harder this evening.
    ATB Neil.

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    heres a couple of pictures before i clean the head off,atb wayneClick image for larger version. 

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    Nice pics,

    Thats a very interesting little head! Those are the ones you remember the most!



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    Nice buck, and a lovely head for the wall. That is some moderator you got there mate!

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