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Thread: A hunting tower I built

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    A hunting tower I built

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    heres a hunting tower i built , it took a couple of days to build and cost under a $100 for materials as i got most of the materials from my work site.
    the floor of the house was made from a old building site door,i joined the 4x4 legs to the floor using some plate welded to some 4x4 metal boxing .the tower is 18 foot at eye level.
    the walls of the house are made from 3/8 plywood.
    the legs were fixed to 4 feet long 3x3 angle iron pounded into the ground with a 7 pound hammer and then bolted to the 4x4 timber.
    i used a winch from my quad to erect the tower and then built the house on top.which i prefabricated on the ground and installed it in sections.
    unfortunately i did not get to shoot any game from the tower as i moved
    it was carpeted also
    cheers dan.

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    AFTER ALL THAT .shame you didnt get to shoot from it or take it with you

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